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Organically grown Vegetable Boxes & Edible Flowers

What's different about our produce?

  • 100% organically grown vegetables and edible flowers (we do not spray our produce at all)

  • 100% grown at the farm

  • 100% fresh (mostly picked on the day of delivery) 

  • 100% seasonal

Piccolo Farm functions as a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Farm where the local community is encouraged to take part of their food journey. This is the best way to know how your food is grown, by whom and what impact it has on the environment. It is also the best way to support your local farm as well as sustainable agriculture where you live. 

We love to show all our customers the farm, please let us know when is a good time for your visit!


If you are a local restaurant/cafe who wishes to use fresh and local produce for your customers please call Gianluigi on 0481113395. We are happy to tailor a solution which works for you and can grow to order.