Quick and easy Mizo soup with Mizuna and Noodles

This soup is great for a quick snack. Adding noodles makes it filling enough for lunch.

Ingredients for one portion:

  • 1.5 cups boiling water

  • 2tsp of miso paste (or to taste), my favourite is the Dashi Miso

  • 1 chopped up spring onion

  • A handful of rinsed and chopped mizuna leaves

  • 1 portion of vermicelli or silken tofu (optional)

  • You can also add additional vegetables or mushrooms instead of rice noodles (finely sliced broccoli, carrots and so on). Because of the limited cooking process in the recipe they will still be quite crunchy. Very finely sliced radishes are also great in there. Pre-cook veg 3-5 min in a separate pot of water and add if you prefer to have them softer.

  • Dash of roasted sesame oil

Add the miso paste to the bowl and dissolve it in a small amount of water. Add mizuna, spring onions, noodles/tofu/vegetables/mushrooms. Add the boiling water and stir to mix the miso through. Leave until noodles have softened, around 3-5 min. Add a dash of roasted sesame oil and serve.

Other things to do with Mizuna:

Salad. Wash and chop the salad into bite size pieces. Mix with lettuce or any greens for salad. Try spinach and arugula, or even by itself.

Pasta. Even Asian greens can be tossed with pasta and fresh parmesan.

Risotto. Another Italian inspired use for mizuna! Stir chopped and cleaned mizuna into a batch of risotto at the end of cooking. It will wilt perfectly. Try pairing with mushrooms for an earthy dish.

Stir-fry. Asian greens are of course perfect for stir-fry! Pair with any vegetables in your share, lots of garlic and ginger, and your protein of choice.

Soup. We love greens in miso soup, but feel free to toss them into any vegetable soup at the end of cooking. Mizuna would also pair well chicken noodle or lightly creamy soups.

Sauté. The simplest is last! Wash mizuna and then toss in a pan with garlic and olive oil. Leave whole or chop into bite-size pieces.

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