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Organically grown edible flowers, Seedlings and Vegetables!

Growing Tomatoes

See the farm and get tips on how to grow your own tomato plants when Graham Ross and Better Homes and Gardens visits Piccolo Farm.

Vegetable Boxes

Know Your Farmer! Start supporting a small scale farm and feed your family with organically grown food. This is the closest option to your own backyard bounty. Local and seasonal.

We offer real food with minimal waste and maximum taste. Our vegetables have matured on the plant, not in a truck, and are handpicked fresh every Wednesday.

What's different about our produce?
  • 100% organically grown vegetables
  • 100% fresh (mostly picked within hours of delivery)
  • 100% seasonal
  • Minimal waste (reusable tubs and little to no packaging).
We plan each week to have a balanced box with a mix of 7-11 items + herbs.

Tel. +61 422341590  I

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