Vegetable Box Subscriptions

Know Your Farmer! Start supporting a small scale farm and feed your family with organically grown food. This is the closest option to your own backyard bounty. Local and seasonal.


We offer real food with minimal waste and maximum taste. Our vegetables have matured on the plant, not in the truck, and are handpicked fresh every Wednesday.

Buying produce this way for your family is perhaps different to your usual method of shopping. Below are a few things you may want to know about. This way is a great way to connect with your local farm and more of a partnership that what you will find at the supermarket. We grow sustainably and focus on regenerating our land to protect the environment.

Please take the time to read this information before signing up to our harvest box to know how it works and all the benefits you can get from buying from a local farm.

What's in the box?

  • A mix of 9-11 organically grown vegetables (occasionally fruit or berries) & herbs. 

  • We send out an SMS in the beginning of every week to advise what veggies we plan to harvest that week

  • Local, fresh and seasonal. We offer real food with maximum taste. Our vegetables are handpicked, fresh, every week.​

  • Minimal waste since we avoid unnecessary packaging. 

  • Because of the size of our garden, we choose to focus on growing vegetables that retain the best quality when ripened on the plant and picked fresh. Therefore we buy a couple of additional items like pumpkins, sweet potato and onions from certified organic farms to provide you with the best mix. Purchased items only make up a small % of the box.

  • Knowledge and diversity! Teach your children and family what real produce looks and tastes like. 

The Piccolo Farm Veggie Box cost $45

What if I don't like something?

  • If you have dietary requirements or a strong aversion to a particular vegetable then please let us know and we will swap it for something else. We will accept changes until Monday evening. Note, we do our best but it may not be possible to accommodate every request.

  • We encourage all our customers to try new alternatives and you may find new favourite vegetables which you have never come across before. We provide printed recipes each week and you may text us for suggestions. We also provide recipes on our app.

  • If cooking from scratch isn't something you are comfortable with, or if you find using new ingredients overwhelming, then perhaps this is not a suitable option for you.

  • When a crop is in season you may find it in your box for weeks, try different ways to use it or even preserve it to mix it up a bit. I am now a master of hiding zucchini in dishes which I feed to the kids!

How flexible is it?

  • You can choose between weekly and fortnightly deliveries.

  • You can provide two week's notice to skip or cease your deliveries. 

  • Payment is seamless with our direct debit set up which charges on a fortnightly basis.

How do I get my vegetables?

  • We pack our vegetables in reusable cooler bags and boxes which are cleaned every week and swapped at dropoff.

  • Pickup from our farm in Thirlmere Wednesday 2.30-5.30pm

  • Thirlmere, Picton, Tahmoor, Couridjah - Free Wednesday afternoon delivery.

  • Lakesland, The Oaks, Wilton, Camden area, Harrington Park and Oran Park etc. -  $10 Thursday 5pm-8pm delivery.

  • Buxton, Bargo, Colo Vale, Pheasants Nest, Balmoral - $10 Thursday 7am-9am delivery.

  • Southern Highlands- Free pickup from The Press Shop at 397-397 Bong Bong Street Thursday from 9am (pick up before 11am)

  • Enquire for neighbouring suburbs - Unfortunately we don't travel into Sydney with the veggie boxes.

Add extras to your delivery as well as get access to read recipes on our app

  • You can use our app to add extra vegetables, herbs, edible flowers, pastured eggs, milk from Country Valley in Picton (organic option available), strawberries from Berrylicious farm in Thirlmere and unwaxed apples from Cedar Creek Orchard in Thirlmere.


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